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On Thu, 6 Sep 2018 at 12:24 PM, Satdeep Gill <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Punjabi Wikimedians is collaborating with CIS-A2K for the growth of Punjabi Wikisource as a focused project for the next fiscal year. We received only one application during the first deadline and no new application was received during the second deadline either. We gave a task to the applicant which included visiting a library in Ludhiana which belongs to one of our partner organizations and to digitize some works and to write a small report. The task was completed by applicant. Hence, we have decided to hire the applicant, User:Satpal Dandiwal, as Community Advocate.

The CA will be responsible for the following tasks but not limited to these:

1. Primary task would be digitizing PD works or CC released works to be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons and subsequently integrating them with Punjabi Wikisource.

2. The person will be responsible for maintaining financial records of existing and future grants of Punjabi Wikimedians.

3. The person will also be helping with logistics and organizing regular events.

We are excited to announce this to the larger Indic community.

Satdeep Gill
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