Thanks @Jayanta, @Moksh Juneja, @Andrea Zanni

The Contest is now Progressing and Crossing 6th day. Now 93+ Participants and 997 Page digitized. We are now preparing more scanned books as ready for type. Am Very Happy to see more new active users in ml.wikisource. it's unexpected and exciting response from community.

Will try to write a blog-post. For first we need to create a eng. sub page of the project page.

Thanks Again.


On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 5:45 PM, Andrea Zanni <> wrote:
That is an amazing news, Manoj, 
good job!

Also, think about writing a blog post for the Wikimedia blog:
they are always interested in hosting news a about Wikisources all around the world.


On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 7:13 PM, Jayanta Nath <> wrote:
Keep it up Manoj , it's a great initiatives. We shall try the same for Bengali wiki source .


On Thursday, January 2, 2014, manoj k wrote:
Dear friends,

New year wishes to all.

Wikisource project, a project of Wikimedia foundation is celebrating its tenth anniversary. As a part of the decennary celebrations, the Wikisource projects in various languages all over the world are conducting  competitions that enrich their contents including but not limited to proof-reading and digitization. Being a part of it, Wikisource's Malayalam version - Wiki Grandhasala community, a voluntary unit engaged in collecting and digitizing  valuable Malayalam books of yesteryears, is organizing a digitization (Typing & Proofreading) competition, along with various Government as well as Non-Government establishments and other voluntary organisations with similar interests like Kerala Sahithya Academy, IT@ school Project,  Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and Center for  Internet and Society (CIS-A2K) under the banner of  Malayalam Wiki community.. This digitisation competition is being conducted as a part of an effort that collects Malayalam Books whose copyright date has expired in digital form (in unicode format) preserving the content and makig them more accessible and popular. The competition lasts for a month, starting on January 1, 2014 and ending on Jan 31, 2014. The competition focuses especially individuals and schools and includes some attractive prizes including E-book readers, Tablets and selected books for those who lead the scoreboard. In this competition, books that was recently released by Kerala Sahithya Academy to its public collection will be digitised. 

Details of the competition;There are two specific competitions

Competition for individuals:-
This competition is for the general public. It includes typing and proofreading of selected books. The main aim is to attract people who are active in social media into Wiki Grandhasala activities. Those who wish to participate in this competition should register before January 31st 2014. Here are the pages which are to be typed in as part of this competition.

Competition for schools:-
Presently many student groups, through the IT Cell of their respective schools, participate actively in the Wiki Grandhasala effort. This version of the competition aims to increase the participation of such student groups. The idea is to inculcate more love for their mother tongue among the students. The process also aims at providing awareness out about such collaborative activities, getting them interested in computer related areas, specifically Language Computing. Scanned copies of books that are in public domain will be made available to the respective schools. Under the supervision of  IT@school coordinators  of each school, students have to type them and proof read, which will be added to Wiki Grandhasala.

The prizes (like E-book readers, Portable scanners) are sponsored by Center for Internet and Society, Kerala Sahithya Academy and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing. Also, certificates will be awarded to all students who participate in the school level competition and IT@school coordinators,  for their coordination activities.

Those who wish to sponsor more prizes, and those who wish to make scanned/hard copies books in the public domain availale to Wiki Grandhasala can contact

For Malayalam Wikisource Community

General Convener, Malayalam Wikisource Digitization Contest 2014

Wikisource-l mailing list

Wikisource-l mailing list