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Many if not most of the issues that bedevil Indian languages are not specific to Indian languages. On my blog and on conferences I have been talking about these issues frequently. By discussing this on a India specific list, you remove everything that is relevant from the eyes of those people like me who do not only care about India but also care about similar problems elsewhere.

Did you know that languages from Africa who use the Latin script use characters that you do not find in Latin fonts ??

Did you know that while it is wonderful that there is now an extension that supports input methods for Indic languages, it would be preferable to have its functionality in the MediaWiki core ??

I do not want to lose track on these issues so I URGE you all not to separate yourself. It will make all of us less effective.

Hoi Gerard,

First of, thanks much for your views. Much appreciated. Now, it is not that it will get separated and all that. And not getting any new list created just yet. Just hearing out thoughts, views (and if majority feel there's a requirement for one such list, some support thereby).

Not sure whether I've been able to put it properly, but the real intention behind even proposing such a list was to *gather* more people for discussing and working on issues surrounding Indian languages. And that a more specific list would gather more interest than the common list.
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