name is Achal Prabhala and I am helping the Wikimedia Foundation with their strategy exercise (, specifically, by coordinating the India task force (

While several people have applied to be on the task force, and others have been invited, we are still looking for Wikipedians and Wiki enthusiasts with some very specific attributes, namely:

- Hindi Wikipedians (or Wikipedians who live in Delhi/ North India and come from there)
- Northeastern Wikipedians (who originate from and preferably live in some part of Northeast India, excluding Calcutta and W. Bengal)
- Urdu/ Punjabi Wikipedians (either from Pakistan and living there, or from India)

Lastly, there is a somewhat embarrassing lack of female participation in the Wikimedia world generally, and this reflects almost more sharply in our region. Should any of you be (or know of) good candidates to correct this apparent representational imbalance, we are very interested in hearing from you.

I'm writing to ask for your help in trying to identify some names/ leads around all four categories listed above. If you feel you fit these attributes yourself, please don't hesitate to nominate yourself - all we need to know is a little about what you do and why you think you could contribute to the India task force.

Could you please send your suggestions to me ( and Eugene Kim ( in the next one or two days?

Thank you in anticipation.