Hi all,
There are two issues pertaining to scripts and transliteration that I would like to discuss.
First, I have not been able to find any softwares which transliterate from non-Indian Brahmic scripts like Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Sinhale (there is one beta Sinhale-Tamil at http://www.sirppi.com/ ). Also, I have not seen any Nastaleeq/Shahmukhi/Arabic to Brahmic script transliterators (though Devnagari to Nastaleeq is present). Are there any softwares which transliterate between Indic scripts and non-Indic scripts?
I think having transliteration softwares within extended Brahmic scripts will be useful for interwiki communication and co-ordination with non Indic scripts. Also, such programs will help in a better co-ordination with Indian/South Asian projects like Urdu and Sindhi.
For those of you who dont have transliteration softwares for within Indic scripts, you can use girgit (http://devanaagarii.net/hi/girgit/) or install baraha (http://www.baraha.com).     
Second issue is the use of multiple scripts within a wikipedia. Wikipedias like Kashmiri (Devnagari/Nastaleeq), Panjabi(Gurmukhi/Shahmukhi), Romani(Latin/Devnagari/Cyrillic), Pali(Devnagari/Thai/Singhale/Lao), Sindhi(Arabic/Devnagari) can be written in more than one scripts. Wikipediae like Kazakh (http://kk.wikipedia.org) and Chinese (http://zh.wikipedia.org) have been using multiple scripts in the same wikipedia for a long time now. However, we do not have such systems enabled in any of the South Asian wikipediae. We need to request the people at bugzilla for this provision but I dont know how to. Also, we need to install a inter-transliteration js in these wiki so that auto transliteration of articles occur. For this, again, we need to either have a transliteration software or build one.
So, guys, if there is any transliteration software between Indic and non Indic software or any info. abt. how to allow multiple scripts in the above mentioned wiki chapters, please post!

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