Dear All,

Firstly I would like to thank you for the continuous support and contribution to the Wikimedia movement. 

You are aware that after implemented Google OCR into Indic Wikisource, they grew rapidly, reaching a total of 50,000+ pages proofreaded in 11 Indic Wikisource languages. For updated page/ digitized content you go here[2]

But Indic community members have not got any chance to meet each other and share best practices of their community. Keeping this in mind we are planning to have an IRC[1] on 9th September 2018 (@8:00 PM) for the Indic Wikisource community. Please suggest more Agenda for the IRC in Google Doc[3]


Thanks and Regards,

Jayanta Nath

Wikisource Project advisor

Access to Knowledge program

The Centre for Internet & Society