This is a great news! Indic Wikisource communities need special support to grow and there is a big potential for Wikisource in India. Jayanta da is a Wikisource expert and hence a perfect choice for this role. 

I am hoping this would be immensely significant for the Indic Wikisource communities.


On Wed, Aug 22, 2018, 4:26 PM Tito Dutta <> wrote:
I want to inform Indian Wikimedia community that Jayantanath, an experienced Indian Wikisource admin is collaborating with CIS-A2K in order to support and strengthen Indian Wikisource communities. Wikisource is an important project, and several Indian Wikiosurce communities are working hard on it. Jayantanath will serve as a Wikisource Project Advisor, India.

(Jayanta Nath is cc-ed in the email)

Tito Dutta
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