Hi everyone,

I'd like to remind you that the nomination process for the upcoming Wikimedia Chapter EC elections are under way. We have not received any nomination yet. I request members who want to contribute to the chapter EC activities to nominate themselves soon at http://wiki.wikimedia.in/Nominations_for_the_Executive_Committee or by sending the nomination form by post at the earliest. If you're not planning to stand yourself, please request fellow members who you think should be. Please let us know if you have questions about nomination.

For and behalf of the Election committee,

From: Naveen Francis <naveenpf@wikimedia.in>
To: wmin-members <wmin-members@googlegroups.com>; Wikimedia India Community list <wikimediaindia-l@lists.wikimedia.org>
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 11:26 AM
Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Election Notice for Wikimedia Chapter EC Elections

Dear Member,

Subject: Election Notice for Wikimedia Chapter EC Elections

The Election Committee appointed by Wikimedia Chapter Executive
Committee for notifying and conducting the Election to Wikimedia
Chapter EC election,hereby announces the election to the Wikimedia
Chapter EC for the two yearterm.

A detailed ‘Rules & Regulations for the Election’ is available which
includes the Nomination Form for Candidature (at Page 7). There
are 76 members who are on the membership roll as on 23 June 2012
and are eligible to participate in the Election and contest the Election
(as per by-laws,based on the date of election and AGM
scheduled for 23 Sep 2012).As per the communication from EC,
5 vacancies are to be filled.

Please note the following details:
1. Date of election: 23rd September 2012.
2. Timing for voting in person: As per AGM Agenda which will be
communicated by Chapter later.
3. Place of election and for sending postal ballots:
Wikimedia Chapter, No.194,
2nd 'C' Cross, Dommaluru 2nd stage,
Bangalore 560071. India.

4. Last date and time of receiving nominations: 12th August, 2012
[http://wiki.wikimedia.in will be used as the electronic medium for
submitting and processing nominations. Each nomination is to be
placed on a sub page and linked from the Elections page at
Members proposing and seconding and the candidate have to
sign using their user-ids on wiki. They also need to identify their
membership number on their User pages for validation.
Nomination pages will be locked to prevent editing on the day
following the due date.]
5. Last date for withdrawal of nominations: 26th August, 2012
6. Date of declaration of Final List of candidates:
28th August, 2012

The Executive Committee and the Election Committee will host an IRC
on Monday, 30th July, 2012 between 9PM and 10PM.
The IRC channel will be notified closer to the date.

The Election Committee comprises of the following members:

1. BalasundarRaman
2. Gautam K John

You can contact us or use the membership list for any
clarifications or discussions.

Yours truly,

For and on behalf of Election Committee
Returning Officer

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