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Though I agree in principle that the inclusion of money in any open-source movement disrupts the eco-system of volunteers.  However, the small prize-model for encouraging contributions is benign, with offers potentially greater benefits.  

For example, Wikimedia Indonesia's project Cipta generated thousands of articles and hundreds of thousands of contributions in local languages of the Indonesia.  The project ran throughout the year and incentivized editing through a prize-model.  I think it is okay to distribute small prizes once in a while to get some publicity and to try and get the attention of potential long-term contributors.  Funds channeled through volunteers and to support volunteer programs can be effectively utilized through such programs.  Volunteers are also cash-efficient and directly responsible to the community.

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On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 9:56 PM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <parakara.ghoda@gmail.com> wrote:
I agree with Mr. Mohandas [not Pai] above. Incentives for Wiki takes
Cities is a big NO NO. And as for Flickr donation, I'm all for it.
During WP taketh Chennai, we had a ton of Flickr donations, which
Logic and Ganesh uploaded. Infact, we had a mini backlog which is why
I uploaded six. If we have Flickr or Picasa donations this time too, I
don't minding sitting and sorting before uploading, provided it
happens before Jan 17th.

Srikanth Ramakrishnan.
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