// I just wanted to speak up when I saw someone with advanced permissions on multiple projects actively suggest an action that, if successful, would not be good, and even if not successful, won't be good.//

My criticism is not different from what Sue Gardner, WMF Executive director says here:

I am speaking on behalf of the community that edits, the people who donate. The community is getting demotivated and the donor money is getting wasted. And my personal interest is to stop that.

What is CIS's personal interest?

The more bloated the grant, the more money they get through 10% institutional development fee which they can spend anwyay they want.

Higher the salary, the current employees of CIS can pay their bank loans.

Huh, organizations down size, resize, fire employees all the time.

If CIS-A2K employees are worthy of what they are getting paid, they should have no problem finding a better job.

Or, if they are at least 1/10th committed to the movement, they should be able to work under normal salaries too.

If this is too much hassle, I welcome all the employees to quit and serve the movement as volunteers instead of giving sermons for us.

// I would highly encourage people to focus efforts in productive directions,//

This is like asking to plant a tree in your house and stop worrying about the polluting factory nearby. A typical middle class third world sermon.

Nevertheless, we are all active community volunteers. So, please be assured that we are all doing positive work. Only issue is that the double standards followed by WMF is demotivating the community heavily.

//and a lot of their knowledge about what went wrong, including what mistakes they may've made,//

Bloated salaries are a mistake. Fix it now. Programs with low impact and high cost are drafted to justify the existance of current jobs. Fix it now.

//If this were truly just about profligate spending, there's probably a hundred things in the Wikimedia movement you could latch on to that are more outrageous.//

Asking to let a small mistake go because there are bigger mistakes is the root cause of all corruption and inefficiency.