I'm in as well! If we can rope in some support from the media we should be able to organise a national level campaign.

Deepu Joseph

On 5 February 2010 21:21, Kiruba @ Kiruba.com <kiruba@kiruba.com> wrote:

We really should get this done.  I did the 'Wikipedia Takes Chennai' and the results have been very positive.

If we can collaborate and do it on a national scale, it would be amazing.  Count me in for certain.


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On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 9:18 PM, Utkarshraj Atmaram <utcursch@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everybody,

As you might be aware, the Britain Loves Wikipedia
<http://britainloveswikipedia.org/> hunt has been making waves

I was wondering if we Indian Wikipedians can launch an initiative to
get photographs for hundreds of India-related articles that don't have
even one photograph.

While there have been efforts like Wikipedia Takes Chennai in the
past, they have been too locality-centric to attract hundreds of
photographs. We need something bigger!

We have a huge number of articles without photographs in categories
such as Universities and colleges in India, Companies of India,
Buildings and structures in India, Cities and towns in India,
Festivals in India etc.

There are thousands of Indians online -- imagine if they can
contribute a photograph each about their city, village, workplace,
festivals, cuisine, school, college or alma mater!
I'm sure a lot of bloggers, Facebook users and Twitter users will be
willing to contribute photographs to Wikipedia articles. We just need
to reach out to them.

I've created a page at Wikipedia:WikiProject India/India Loves
Wikipedia, where we can brainstorm about this proposal. Please do
share your thoughts, and add this page to your watchlist to keep track
of updates:

Utkarshraj Atmaram

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