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Dear All, 

As a step to nurture Wikimedia India into in fact even bigger roles such that it realizes its mission, beliefs and goals more efficiently, Wikimedia India has decided to setup an advisory council.

Advisory council would be a panel of experts with different expertise and connections with whom WE the chapter could rely on to get specific advice. However, They are not a "committee" in the usual sense to discuss all issues together and provide consensus. 

While the chapter relies on senior and experienced members from the community, it would now also try to enroll people outside Wiki movement. This should be an ongoing process. Growth and strength of WMIN will depend on how many capable members outside our community get interested in us. Community members anyway will always be there to support us.

Please find the attached document for more details. 

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No offense to anyone, but I am forced to say here that Wikipedia needs more worker than adviser.

Rajesh Ranjan

Open Source Community Manager
Digital India, Govt. of India