This has been observed and reverted in Kannada wikipedia.

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From: Tejas jain <>
Date: 2012/2/2
Subject: [Wikikn-l (kannada wikipedia)] Global Vandalism through IP on Indian territory info

Some one has done global vandalism through IP<>on
Indian territory info.

User's edit list:

Arunachal pradesh <> and
Jammu_and_Kashmir <> are
hatched as disputed.

Was there any discussion before these changes?

All the edits on Kannada wiki <> have been reverted
because of following reasons,

  1. No discussion prior to the changes
  2. No references were made
  3. Changes done anonymously
  4. No change log message
  5. No such changes are done on English wiki

If it is sure case of vandalism, changes have to be reverted globally.


Tejas jain
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