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There are some free and open source minded/Linux group members around Kolkata,They have some knowledge about Wikipedia's philosophy. Some of our community member wants joint on spot payment method,as like we have at WCI2011 . They are not so comfortable with other method.Although On-spot India Chapter membership is not our main project scope. If India community/Wikimedia India chapter feels wrong, we can withdrawn this facility from this project.  


There is nothing wrong in having the option. What I fear is, people who just happen to visit the stall are being made members without understanding what it is. I have this fear since it was how it was done in past, and continuing the same would be dangerous to chapter's health. Oh thanks Srikanth, I seriously didnt think of vested interests entering. Already communication with in chapter is poor citing the very same reason and discussions dont happen in the way they meant to be.

I know there are many folks in this list, who dont care about chapter, Sorry for spamming you, but I think its important to discuss with larger community since chapter will not fulfill its purpose without the community.