Dear Ansuman,

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Why there is no response to this, Evaluation results after months? How long are your two weeks?

We have clarified it here [1]
What about "Quarterly Community Survey" mentioned here, Is there any plan to do this ever?

Yes, we are working on the Quarterly report for the period July-Sept. 2013 and will be sharing soon.

However, in terms of participatory and continuous mode of evaluation, we foresee a challenge in actively involving the respective language community members in quarterly evaluation cycles. Firstly in the five language communities that we are focusing on, such an introspection exercise was not done systematically before and secondly a mandatory imposition may not be productive either for the Community or for CIS-A2K. We do not want it to end-up becoming a "task" to be ticked against. Our effort is to train the community to systematically introspect, which will go a long way in strengthening the Indian language Wikipedias and the associated communities. For instance, we have a beginning with Telugu Wikimedia community. See this [2].