Dear friends,

I am pleased to inform you that the language committee is ready to approve independent Maithili Wikipedia project.[1]

In a related development, a separate mailing list for the language which was denied earlier has been approved on my request for reconsideration. [2]

I just need an endorsement from Maithili language experts that the painstakingly developed content in the incubator project (  is that of the language and NOT ANOTHER LANGUAGE.

I request help from any friendly quarter -- WMIN / CIS / other volunteers in this direction.


[1] Email for Language Committee Member WF Warburg:

Hello Muzammil and Ganesh,

the activity of Maithili Wikipedia in Incubator is now acceptable for approval indeed.
The Language committee is willing to approve it, but usually for the first Wikimedia project in a language, we contact a linguist or other scholar who is an expert in the language, and ask him to verify that the content in Incubator is indeed written in this language (as I already explained to Ganesh when we talked in London).

Do you know any such linguists/expert on Maithili language which LangCom could contact for this verification?
Best regards,