I agree to that one..My company's internet gateway for this office is via Honk Kong. So my views and edits may be seen as from Honk Kong !

But still, this is a good data point to start with...

Tinu Cherian

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Hey everyone

Just wanted to inform everyone that there are some new statistics available about global Wikipedia usage for Q3 of this year.
The most surprising information is in the language-wise breakdown of edits per country:

The first Indian language on the list by 0.03% of global share is Hindi, followed by Telugu, Malayalam and Marathi, all at 0.02% of global Usage. the most surprising statistics is that the largest Page views to these languages is not from India but the US sometimes more than several times the number of views from India. Tamil is the only language where this disparity as its lowest.

Interesting update. But I have a doubt  your conclusion on one point about language page view statistic, based on my analysis of localized firefox users.

I feel that if a multinational company headquarted in US  has a set of IP addresses, it can use those addresses from India as well. Or the proxy might be US IP. In which case the Indian page views can be treated as US page views. If the number of edits from India have gone up in the respective language, the views also would go up, as the views for the edits are not removed from the total views.


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