Hi all,

this is in reference to an upcoming meetup in Mumbai, which is yet to be announced.

Applause's to Nikita Belavate, who wanted the forthcoming meetup to be much more productive one. She wanted to do an editing session, to motivate and explain other non-editing volunteers to edit Wikipedia articles. We have few volunteers who haven't yet involved themselves in editing ever, whereas we believe that the promary and best way of contributing to Wikipedia is by editing and helping the article grow both in quantity and quality. I'm sure its been much gap, since an editing session in Mumbai, and the plan sounded great. +n for it!  :)

However, we do always face venue problem, and yeah an editing session will involve a couple of internet connected computers. Will be great if anyone knows any place in Mumbai, where we can use their systems probably for two hours for the meetup. Just an attempt to enhance the Mumbai community in absence of some senior volunteers. Do please let us know!

Thanks in advance!

Thanks and regards,
Karthik Nadar.