The reason for sending the mail was translation memories (Which I stupidly forgot to put in)
An added benefit of the kit which I forgot to mention is that you can use translation memories. In these, you can upload translations (In TMX format), which take precedence over the default memories. This drastically improves performance.
For example, you can upload a TMX file (I'm not sure how to make them--try the Third-party tools listed at enwiki), which contains a correctly translated (Mistakes will get greatly magnified) passage from English into Malyalam (Along with the originally translated passage). Many such passages in the TM teach the Kit to work better for those using the TM (Which can be shared).
Making TMs especially helps change the style/dialect of the translation.

Actually, I support completely hand-translated documents, because, when hand translating, the translation flows out of you, alongwith the style. Editing machine translations inhibits your mind and doesn't allow the use of style except in spurts. I know this because I've tried translating stuff from English to French (Not for WP, though), and I found the toolkit useful. but I decided to stop and I typed the rest of it, using Google only as a dictionary.
This might be the reason the translators don't want to use the Kit.

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 1:57 PM, Ravishankar <> wrote:
Hi Shiju, Ramesh

Thanks for the input. Can you update the status in ml wiki regarding Google translated articles? Seems it is banned in Bengali Wikipedia.

We understand that this project is run in many Indian language Wikis but not sure of the exact list.


This whole conversation is about using

The Kit by itself may be somewhat flexible to edit as you mentioned. But the paid translators don't seem to be using it.


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