All the best to the Wikimedia India new EC! :D

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 12:46 PM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar <> wrote:
Congratulations !!

That is a nice mix of new and old members !!

All the best wishes to the team !!!


On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 10:42 AM, Yohann Thomas <> wrote:
Dear One & all

As you are aware, Wikimedia India (WMIN) recently in April had its election for all its 7 Executive Committee (EC) positions

At IIT Bombay, WMIN recently had an Induction meeting with the newly elected Executive committee members. This session was conducted from 30th June - 1st July 2017 in the IIT Bombay campus

Since the new EC has a good mix of members from Past EC & new faces too, the Induction process was conducted in a very smooth & planned manner.
Mr Ashwin Baindur also gave a session on the working of Community dynamics along with the expectations by the community from the new EC.

On the last day of the Induction meeting, the EC members elected office bearers amongst themselves. Following are the new Office bearers
  • Mr Rahul Deshmukh : President
  • Mr Yohann Thomas : Secretary
  • Mr Sanket Oswal : Treasurer
  • Mr Viswa Prabha : Member
  • Mr Suyash Dwivedi : Member
  • Mr Santosh Shingare : Member
  • Mr Krishan Chaitanya Velaga : Member
You can find the newly updated Board members page with their profiles here

I would like to thank the community for their wholehearted support they have given to the chapter & hope to meet their expectations

Yohann Thomas
Wikimedia India

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Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur