In the last few days I've noticed several newspapers using the NEW numbering scheme for National Highways. This has resulted in a LOT of confusion, and arguments too.
As a precautionary measure, I carry around a link to PlaneMad's renumbered map http://flic.kr/p/8Bv8nq
I have written to NHAI asking when they will start using these new numbers, and when the website will be updated to include them.
I believe as soon as this is done, and/or I get a reply, we should start with the work on the project itself.
For the time being I have created a Google Spreadsheet [private to a few of us, will add more as and when I get their email addresses, those interested, please get in touch with me]. On this spreadsheet, we can list highways, as the Govt. notification [PDF] is absolutely painful to decipher. We can decipher it from PlaneMad's map.
Please let me know your ideas.
Do we need to run a banner campaign for this?
Srikanth R.

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