On 20 May 2014 21:24, Ravishankar <ravidreams@gmail.com> wrote:

Indian Wikimedia community is a self-regulating one and it had spoken up in the past whenever appropriate to keep its dignity and integrity intact.

So let us focus on the real issues instead of viewing the community with the following attitude.

“Don’t wrestle with pigs:
you’ll get all muddy and the pigs will like it"

Isn't that the quote often attributed to the Canadian-American labour union mediator Cyrus S. Ching that you were mentioning?

Strangely, this reminded me of



I strongly object to the attitude that you (and Gautham as well, perhaps to the same extent, on Twitter[1]) have shown in your comments when taking on the strong opposition by community members to CIS's proposal. Whatever your affiliations may be, this is no way of treating community members - whether you recognize yourself to be part of it or not.

I further take *strong objection* to the words like "“Don’t wrestle with pigs:... " or comparison to the "Dog in the Manger" story even if it serves as "metaphor" for your perspective.

I fail to understand the animosity and hostility being shown towards community members who're speaking out even if they're quite vocal about it. Some of these people have dedicated years of their lives to Wikimedia without expecting anything in return and continue to do so.

Treat community members with respect. The lengthy rants shall then stand to get more respect and not otherwise.

It is quite unsettling to hear that the anonymous id created just for the comments for FDC proposal on meta is yours. Like Ravi rightly pointed out, you should have either used your existing account to comment or made your affiliations clear before adding your comments there. You may just have ended up influencing the FDC review in an unethical way by doing so.
Hari Prasad Nadig