Hi Ravi  ,

On Sat, May 17, 2014 at 5:49 PM, Ravishankar <ravidreams@gmail.com> wrote:

Let me decalre this .
I am BOYCOTTING to sign up for this labelothon event for the following reasons.

I am bit unsure about the boycotting part .

* Signing up for this event will only help CIS-A2K undue credit for existing organic communty's work. There has been past evidences for these as seen


Why not we have a meta where in community contribution and sign up takes place and take forward the event  ? Is it that highly improbable to run a community coordinated event ?
* Soon after I register a difference of opinion in META, I receive a phone call shouting at me and a Facebook chat challenging me to an edit from a CIS employee. This is no way to treat the community members and I strongly PROTEST.

I second the protest .

* I would rather spend my energy in contributing to full length articles like


which are more useful and highly visible. 



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