I regret that we may not be able to use it in India as POK and Aksai Chin are not shown as parts of India. Not only does this hurts the sentiments of Indian readers, it is also certain to draw flak from media, government and Indian law enforcement agencies. If possible, please try to resolve this issue.

To do this one would need to render the global map for each language in multiple versions, one showing the neutral POV as is done currently, and one customized for India, China etc where the local laws might require differing representations of the disputed areas.

Its unlikely the WMF will support such a feature, as the maps will no longer be neutral and will also significantly multiply the resources needed to maintain so many versions.

There are some hacky solutions for this like overlaying the map with extra lines that show and hide boundaries on the client side to get the desired end result. This is a bit of 'map make up' but could very well be sufficient to avoid any unneeded controversy regarding the map borders.

Tried to make a simple example to demo this, you can see the end result here: https://jsfiddle.net/planemad/oeeLmg1j/1/