As you might know, the Two Centuries of Indian Print (2CIP) project of British Library and West Bengal Wikimedians User Group are having a GLAM partnership for almost a year now. The 2CIP collection of public domain Bengali books are getting uploaded on Wikimedia Commons and then getting proofread on Bengali Wikisource. Details can be found here - https://bn.wikisource.org/s/h1zc

In this regard. two long proofread contests had been organized this year to let Bengali Wikisource volunteers focus on these books. The first contest was held during March-April this year. (Link - https://bn.wikisource.org/s/gwek ) The second proofread contest which ran for 3 months from September 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021 just ended at midnight. (Link - https://bn.wikisource.org/s/gwen .) In these two contests, around 5500 pages were proofread in total.

We will not conduct any more proofread contests this year or early next year giving break to our competition participants. Considering our small workforce, we will also utilise this break to clear our maintenance backlogs as much as possible. The GLAM partnership will go on by having more 2CIP books uploaded on Commons, engaging with OpenRefine team to help build a robust system for book uploads along with metadata management, engaging with WMF community programs and machine learning teams to find ways to negotiate with Transkribus etc. and so on. A full activity report will be published soon in February next year by the user group.

(On behalf of West Bengal Wikimedians User Group)