But, I see no such questions ever asked for CIS.

To provide you the context:

The annual salary of CIS-A2K program director alone is 2,400,000 INR per year which is 29% more than the WMIN's whole annual budget for last year which is 1,848,736 INR.

T. Sowmyan who did a wonderful job as WMIN's executive manager got paid 504,000 INR a year.

This is less than the amount CIS-A2K pays to its advisor Dr. Tejaswini Niranjana which is 528,000 INR. She gets this paid a s a distinguished fellow of CIS for which she is not expected to do anything.

2. FDC has commented that WMIN aiming to go from 0.5 staff to 3 staff is 600% growth. But, I have seen no such comments on CIS having 5 full time staff to begin with and planning to add 2 more in the coming year.

3. CIS-A2K has applied for an institutional development fee of 1,673,314 INR which is almost 50% of WMIN's annual budget. And CIS-A2K has the liberty to spend it anyway they want.

If this is not discrimination or double standard, then what is this?