Hi everyone,

The community wishlist survey is on- 

I have submitted a proposal regarding Tool for easy science editing using a linked dictionary. 
During WWWW, a lot of editors were having issues with finding appropriate medical terms in their native language as it is difficult and time-consuming. Also, the different terms are used in different languages for one subject matter, which leads to confusion. So, in order to facilitate the editors to create content and also to standardize the terminology being used, it will be better if we have some linked system of providing translated names (for the desired language) for the standard medical terms (in English)in a single command. I have proposed to run the pilot on one language and depending upon the outcome, it may later be provided to other languages. 
The link to the proposal is- 

If you feel the need is genuine and the tool might prove assistive in uncomplicated content writing, please support the proposal.

Manavpreet Kaur