We have exciting news to share with you all.
CIS-A2K is going to collaborate with WWWW 2019 and Wikipedia Asian Month 2019. Most of the Indic communities took part in these events in the previous iterations. Fortunately this year, all three contests are happening at the same time.

Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM) is being held every year since 2015. Its agenda is to increase Asian content on Wikipedia. There is no requirement for selecting an article from the list provided. Any topic related to Asia can be chosen to write. This contest runs from 1 November till 30 November.
For more rules and guidelines, you can follow the event page on Meta or local Wikis.

WWWW (Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing) started in 2018 with an aim to increase content related to women's health issues on Indic language Wikipedias.
WWWW 2019 will start from 1 November 2019 and will continue till 10 January 2020.
A common list of articles will be provided to write on. 

Everyone is encouraged to participate in these contests. Articles created under any of these events can be submitted to the fountain tool of Project Tiger 2.0. Article creation rule will remain the same which is 300 words and 6,000 bytes for all languages except for Urdu which requires 3000 bytes.

Happy editing :D

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Suswetha Kolluru,
Project Tiger coordinator 2019