As the situation has worsened to the levels that EC is now been accused of being here for swindling money ("auctioning off membership") and selective moderation in the mailing list (unfairly in both counts IMO), please be blunt and do clear the air without niceties. The basic questions raised about EC are the following:

1) Why was the election held without informing others of the agenda (the EC answered that it was a required step to formalise the organisation per registration rules, )

2) Why was the delay in communication about the 22 Jan meeting (the EC answered that as a formal org now, they cannot issue communiques without first having the paperwork in place)

3) Why were the leadership designations changed among the  EC members. (This hasnt been answered as far as i know)

4) Why was Praveen's mail moderated ( clearly answered; because it got caught in the spam filters due to an embedded HTML)

I am pretty much satisfied with 1, 2 and 4. But 3 hasnt been answered and people are now accusing you of being a "sekret cabal". I am a new member to the list and as someone uninvolved, my humble suggestions to clear the air are:

1) Answer no 3 and any other questions people have been asking
2) Bluntly define the chapter's role - not the MoA/constitution etc (people are under the impression that the chapter can get involved in deletion discussions in commons)
3) Get some non EC moderators to the mailing list immediately to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.