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Unfortunately following project proposals suggested for proposed wikimedia india chapter are still not taken up for discussion,I am copy pasting them from meta  Wikimedia India/projects page,  Can we begin a discussion what needto be real priorities and how many of uscan support the given cause actively.
* Promoting study and usage of [[:en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_India/Fair_use]] knowledge and information about Indian copy right regime,arranging unconference of supportive legal fraternity.
* promoting usage of free transiliteration schemes for Indian Languages among Indian Internet users by arranging unconference with Network Engineers in India and arranging call center's telephonic and field support in this respect.
* Indegenisation of IPA transliteration making technically advance and Indian languages friendly,with audio recording support to all wiktionaries for availability of free audio content.
* PDF and transformation  of content and promoting among other medias like print ,radio,TV etc for republishing at resonable cost for the benefit of masses
*Promoting Generation of common free India centric photographic resources
* promoting usage programming analysis and development of free wiki software, also training and promoting advance tools like BOTs among Indian wikipedians.
* Arranging India centric [[:en:cartography]] support wherever necessary
*Supporting and promoting local language wikipedias which still have not picked up adequate membership specialy like Odissa language wikipedia and Assamese Language Wikipedia

* Using Wikipedia in Indian schools: School projects
* Promoting Wikipedia assignments in universities and colleges: The Indian languages will benefit greatly if college and university students start contributing.
* Work on articles on local history and other local topics that are not covered by mainstream encyclopedias (e.g. [[en:Jhumri Tilaiya|Jhumri Tilaiya]])
* Get images related to Indian articles
* Get Government of India agencies and departments to license their images/content under a free license (like NASA does)
* Work on stable version (CDs) of Indian languages, or articles related to India
* [[Promoting the South Asian languages projects]]
* General promotion of free culture in India

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*[[Project India centric Localisation of IPA]]

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