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It's difficult to work with journalists who may be rushing to meet submission deadlines and end up mis-quoting the facts or give wrong detailsĀ  :)

Probably, it may help if you could do a Press-Note and send it to all the Media agencies. At least they will have the correct details in hand.

All the best!!


On Saturday 21 December 2013 11:44 PM, Jayanta Nath wrote:
KOLKATA: In an effort to enthuse people to become regular contributors to its site, Wikipedia will launch a campaign at the Kolkata Book Fair next year. It has already booked a stall and lined up an awareness programme to sign up volunteers. Incidentally, Kolkata fares poorly when it comes to contribute to the world's biggest online encyclopedia. At present, the city has only five contributors.

Wikipedia needs people from Kolkata to contribute voluntarily not only to the mother website but also to its Bengali link, Banglapedia. "We would hold workshops where we would give presentations about how to edit existing material on Wiki/Banglapedia. The biggest incentive for any contributor is that, the moment he/she writes a piece or edits something, it gets updated and is published for the world to see," explained Jayanta Nath, chief of Banglapedia.

The Book Fair authorities have already sealed the deal and are looking forward to this heavyweight participant.

"Wikipedia's participation will add glamour to the fair," said Tridib Chatterjee, general secretary of the Publishers and Booksellers Guild.

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 11:32 PM, Jayanta Nath <> wrote:

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