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Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that Gujarati Wikisource has uploaded one of the best known Gujarati piece of Literature, Saraswatichandra (Novel). This Novel has 4 volumes and more than 1770 Pages. It was written over a period of 15 years, with the first volume being published in 1887 and the fourth one in 1902. The Hindi film Saraswatichandra, released in 1968, was based on this novel and also 2013 television series of the same name which was broadcast on Star Plus in 2013–14.

Volunteers of Gujarati Community has worked for 9 months, to bring this master piece of literature to the people. The work on this project started on 20.08.2015. This became the 79th book on the Gujarati Wikisource.

The following wiki medians participated in the proejct : Ashok Vaishnav (User: Amvaishnav), Krishnakumar J Thakar (User:kjthaker), Vyom (User:Vyom25),Kabirdas Vankar (User:Kabirdas Vankar ), Vikas Kaila (User:વિકાસ કૈલા),Nizil Shah(User:Nizil Shah), Kartik Mistry (User:KartikMistry), Satishchandra Patel (User:સતિષચંદ્ર), Sushant Savla (User:Sushant savla).

Ekatra Foundation and Forbes Gujarati Sabha also provided technical support.

Link of the Novel on wiki source:

Thanking you.


Sushant Savla
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