Hey Folks,

This is a summary of the Wikipedia Workshop at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) on 22nd March, 2012.

Sheel Sindhu Manohar (User:Roboture) student of JMI, is a Wikipedia contributor. Being actively involved in Wikipedia monthly meet-ups in Delhi, he invited us to conduct an Editing Workshop at his campus and looked after all the arrangements. I'd really like to thank him for helping us organize this session.
The idea behind the workshop was to explain participants about the basics of Wikipedia, Community involvement, 5 Pillars, Notability, basics of Editing together with hands-on editing session.
Most of the participants were students of Jamia and other colleges in NCR. Before starting, I asked participants about their views on Wikipedia and they responded with answers like: Its an encyclopedia, Knowledge sharing platform and also some raised doubts about content verification as well. So, I began with introducing basics of Wikipedia, who edits Wikipedia, few Wikipedia policies, importance of Citations etc. Then, we moved on to explain about the various Tabs on Wiki page followed by telling the importance of Notability of the article and of providing references. We selected the article on Bhelpuri (participants choice) to show the anatomy of an article. We then stopped for a tea break for ten minutes and asked uninterested participants to feel free and leave the session and invited only the interested one's to remain present for the hands-on editing session.
After the break, it was nice to witness more than 90% of the participants returning for the session. Before starting the actual editing, User:Nitika.t gave some tips on the selection of articles for editing. We selected the article on Najeeb Jung (VC of JMI) and started improving. We asked participants to come and edit the article. They improved the language, linked other Wiki articles, added references etc.
In the end User:Roboture discussed about editing Hindi Wikipedia articles and User:Psubhashish also told the importance of manual translation instead of using translation tools for editing in other languages.

Piyush Aggarwal