Hi Ravi,

Any portable scanner should be avoided as it will not produce good quality high res images that are required for OCR.

I work in an environment where scanners are greatly used and we use them for corporate clients docs and signatures, etc. Based on my experience I'd suggest Canon or Fujitsu scanners as they do the great job. I agree with you that smartphones or pocket cameras are neither an option if you're looking for large scale and good quality work.


On 22 May 2015 11:13, "Ravishankar Ayyakkannu" <ravidreams@wikimedia.in> wrote:

Will piQx Xcanex Portable Book and Document Scanner be a good machine for scanning old and brittle books?

Retaining as much color and quality for OCR needs is also essential.

I am aware of the suggestions in this mail thread about using a smart phone or regular pocket camera for scanning documents.

But, I am looking at large scale GLAM projects where a community owned scanning machine would be appropriate.


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