LOL, yes I had applied for the job. I was not satisfied with the screening process.

But I never had no complains about not getting selected. In fact I was happy, I never would have survived with those incompetents..For example, I feel there was no work, and the last recruit left because he was doing merely wiki editing, and helping users what other volunteers do. 

But that has nothing to do with my concerns i have raised. I'm glad you brought this up. Is it clear now?

Oh and one more thing, I'm stuck at home because of personal issues..the chance was very low that i'd stay out of my hometown! I haven't said this! which all of my friends know.

Other lies, allegations; i have no idea, maybe in your dreams. Thanks. Thanks "truth hurts"! :D

And you are free to believe what you want. Cheers.


On 18 April 2014 11:30, Truth Hurts <> wrote:

there is something you would like to tell us right?

about jobs? applications for jobs? applications for jobs that were rejected? applications for jobs that were rejected and you told many friends about that you wanted badly for a long time?

i herard this directly from you at many wikimeetups but i do not see you mention it anywhere publicly

if you desire to have readers understand that your criticism is different from pradx and ravidreams then you could start here

imho, better to make things clear and transparent

you will be taken more seriously if you do

sunshine is the best disinfectant

kind regards
truth hurts

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