Ansuman, Jayanta

Thanks for validating my concern.

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== Questions from an Indian Community member to WMF and CIS-A2K ==

'''Questions for WMF'''

1. What happens to the natural growth rate of the communities once a program like this shuts down?

The former Wikimedia India programs claimed Assamese Wikipedia as a success story. Now, you can look at for their performance after that program was shut down.

So, how do you justify the spending for this program which is like spoon feeding.

The way [ Hindi Wikipedia seeks help for content management] (fixing Google articles) confirms my concern of spoon feeding.

2. What is WMF's approach and strategy for growing Wikimedia movement in India? Will there be any end date for the CIS-A2K program or will there be never ending annual renewals?

3. Is WMF adapting double standards for assessing grant requests?

For example, there is liberal funding for staff salary here but WMIN chapter was refused even one full time manager and ultimately the chapter is facing a slow death now. Forget the cost and value of all the volunteer work done by all the EC members and general members since the beginning of the chapter.

'''Questions for CIS-A2K'''

4. How do you attribute or separate the performance of CIS-A2K from the organic efforts and the growth of the community?

5. What is the (subtle) pressure, if any, on the community to achieve the expected results? The plan is quite ambitious but looks completely top down in approach. Do you expect the community to be burnt out?