It is not a "pure virtual world event", in most countries, it had photo-walks, local cultural institute partnerships, sponsors, promotion, juries, and yes, prizes among other things. (Beh, clarify here please!)

Well, I can only talk about WMPT experience, and it was so much off line work. We had like 8 in person meetings to get the list from IGESPAR (our ASI), we needed to travel several times to meet with sponsors (sometimes crossing the country), we needed to talk with promotion partners, prize partners and PR partners (all that also in person). We needed to set up a place for the jury meeting (and all the logistics involved). We had 2 "Wiki Takes" events and we needed to set up the prize reception.

WLM is a wonderful thing to do, but definitely isn't a "pure virtual" event.
Béria Lima

Imagine um mundo onde é dada a qualquer pessoa a possibilidade de ter livre acesso ao somatório de todo o conhecimento humano. Ajude-nos a construir esse sonho.

On 6 November 2012 13:53, Theo10011 <> wrote:

There is actually very little that is as disappointing as people who never did the work, complaining about people who actually did. I don't recall any previous organization of WLM from you or the chapter in the last year. It is easy to nitpick an incoming batch of young volunteers, doing something for the first time, it is harder to actually do something. I didn't have the time or the energy to take this up, neither did you, but I won't criticize them now over trivial matters on an announcement email.

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 6:57 PM, Arjuna Rao Chavala <> wrote:

I'm not sure how familiar you are with WLM. But if you look on the commons page for the winners[1], a large majority of them are redlinks with next to no information about real names and locations of photographers. I believe the competition has more to do with the pictures themselves than the photographers. Some of the winners created their account for the sole purpose of uploading the pics, some chose their names, some didn't. It is their right if they choose to not declare their real name and location. Putting this information on commons without their permission, can be tantamount to WP:OUTING[2] and against the Wikimedia privacy policy.

I very much am involved with WLM and also know the policies.  You seem to have missed some mails on this topic from me.

Ah, I must have forgotten the time you organized WLM in the past. Lucky for you, all mails are archived[1]. Why don't you go ahead and find it? I only see a single relevant email from you in the last year mentioning the IRC meeting time related to WLM and other business. I wasn't talking about WLM policy, just general privacy policy, which would require that information oversighted on en.wp, and commons, and the offender warned in most cases.

BTW, this is just not a virtual world event  as there is lot of prize money at stake. I am not advocating  that Karthik share  the real names without contacting the winners. If my mail was not clear in that aspect, I am sorry.

Yes, it wasn't clear. You are not just haranguing what might be, a small oversight publicly, which is really supportive of these new office bearers.

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 5:01 PM, Arjuna Rao Chavala <> wrote:

Disappointed that there are no user pages or  information on background of contributors of winning entries.

Let's try and contain the disappointment, shall we? ;) This was a big initiative taken by such a young group of volunteers. They deserve to lauded for their achievement. The information about the individual photographer is rarely a priority during these initiatives.
Sorry to disagree. As mentioned, this is just not a pure  virtual world event. Once we know the winning photographs, there is a curiosity to know the author/photographers of the award winning entries.

Apparently, you seem to be the only one with this burning curiosity. Actually to correct you again, it is not a "pure virtual world event", in most countries, it had photo-walks, local cultural institute partnerships, sponsors, promotion, juries, and yes, prizes among other things. (Beh, clarify here please!) As I mentioned before it's a photo contest, not a photographer contest.

Also after spending quite a lot of effort and money, there are more expectations on leveraging this for the movement. May be some of these people will become passionate Wikimedians and start initiatives to improve media about India.

Yes, and they are answerable to you? Anyway, I must be missing where your criticism fills the gap and inspires them.
Hope the winners will take  action to update their pages soon so that the community knows bit about them and their passion for Photography/monuments and their approach towards the contest and also few words about their winning entry.

If they choose to mention those details, sure. They don't have to do anything, like the majority of winners from other countries.
Agreed. Again there is an opportunity for India to be different while respecting the policies. That is the focus of my message.

It's not.

You actually just seemed petty, this all might have just been an oversight on the organizer's part, which you could have mentioned to Karthik and others in private, and they would have corrected. Instead, you nitpicked on a public list to a group of 20 year old (Karthik I think is even younger), for something, let's face it, that you, I and others, were too busy or lazy to organize ourselves.


P.S. When you reply inline, try and leave a gap so that the quote doesn't get truncated with the reply.


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