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Date: Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 1:38 AM
Subject: [WMIN-Members] Report on Bangalore event of CC held on 25th Feb 2013.
To: Sowmyan Tirumurti <tsowmyan@wikimedia.in>

We are happy to share with you the good news that the Creative Commons event held at Bangalore on 25th Feb 2013, was concluded successfully. 

We had the Creative Commons presentation focused on Open GLAM along with a wikimedia presentation focused on GLAM WIKI.  

Arun Ram, founder member of the chapter spoke about Wikimedia, and Wikimedia India. 
This was followed by a presentation on Creative commons licenses and how they work by Jessica Coates. 
Arun continued with a description GLAM and the intersection of GLAM with wikipedia. 
Omshivaprakash brought out many examples of Creative Commons used in Kannada web. 
Jane Hornibrook gave many examples of CC licenses being used worldwide. 

The event was attended by 88 people at the beginning. Ladies outnumbered gents 50 : 38. Apart from the students of College of Fine Arts, there were nearly 40 students from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. There were a few members from Azim Premji Foundation. There was a member who had come all the way from Pondicherry. The way some 15 to 20 odd guests hung around till the very last, nearly 10 to 15 minutes after the end of the event, showed the camaraderie built over the event. 

The major disappointment was that the target audience of Galleries, Museums etc were low in attendance. 

Overall it was a good event. 

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