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This was a great read, and I want point out how useful it was to see editors' comments from different Indic Wikipedia communities providing some context for their situations. The "Common Issues" and "Addressing the issues" sections were also well-placed, as well as the gaps in content and policy documentation.  This handbook seems like a useful resource to help focus discussions on common issues, particularly on translation (e.g. what policy / content page gaps should be most prioritized for translation).

I can help cross-post this, if you'd like.  Are there any mailing lists you want this to be posted to, in particular?

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On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 3:09 AM, Tito Dutta <trulytito@gmail.com> wrote:
A few weeks ago we informed you that we were working on a "policies and guidelines" handbook for Indic Wikipedia communities. Thanks to everyone who helped us to create this handbook. We'll continue to communicate with you.
This handbook is ready (still not uploaded on Commons, will be doing soon). Please review the handbook (attached) and if you think something is missing or needs to be improved, please let us know. Although we'll be continuously taking feedback and communicate with Indic Wikipedians, please try to share your feedback before 5 January. Please cross-post this email, if possible.
Thank you.

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