Dear All,

Can we please stop this conversation now? It has been long since any more accusations are made, but lately we have seen rather far many advises here. If these words came in-time, they would have served the purpose.

There is no point in keeping this conversation alive forever.

Have a festival spirit and lets get back to our normal lives.

Happy (belated) Diwali and Happy (Gujarati) New Year!


On 4 Nov 2013 11:37, "Aarti K. Dwivedi" <> wrote:
I am a newbie to Wikimedia-India. I have been working with the Wikisource community since my GSoC
intern started. First of all, I think this project is a really nice opportunity to increase our visibility.

I also request Ansuman to be a bit more civil. Being nice and respectful doesn't hurt. Such kind of behavior
is not acceptable in a mailing list where everyone is volunteering just out of interest. Also, in the 10 months
that I've been with Wikimedia, I am yet to see such rudeness on the mailing list.


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 5:25 PM, ansuman <> wrote:
> Dear Anshuman,

Hey Abhijeet

> I don't know you. But one thing I would like to share that people WILL
> teach about civility if you will behave in uncivil manner. I do find your
> words and tone uncivil.

You don't know me, but i just got to know a lot about you!
What an analogy!
When people argue, someone else always tries to finish it, and be a hero.
And I do find your this particular message unnecessary and uncivil.

> Whatever you want to say, you can always say it in better ways and believe
> me, it always increases chances of getting your point accepted.

It doesn't necessarily be that way. And believe me my encounter with
A2K is other way around. And I'm not here to get my points accepted.
Actually there is nothing to be accepted, just some facts. I guess i'm
trying to show you, how A2K doesn't consider something when it should.

I'm sorry, you feel bad about it. Please if you don't like it, you
could stay out of it. All my messages are meant for A2K, and i think
it'd best if we let A2K handle it.

> But using uncivil way of communication is such a bad thing that after a
> limit people will not listen to you at all.
> In short, kindly behave!

And people here have their own beliefs and ethics, and they know what
they're doing. They don't need your advice at all.

In short, you just wasted yours and my time. Anyway thanks for your comment.


> On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Ravishankar <> wrote:
>> Ansuman,
>> I know veteran Wikipedian volunteers (and previous organizational
>> efforts)
>> who got got burnt out precisely because of this approach and attitude
>> from
>> some in the community. Asking for accountability and transparency is good
>> but that should be done without burning bridges.
>> Ravi
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