Dear all,
This is to invite all the women editors and contributors on Wikipedia and other sister projects from India to WikiWomenCamp. I'd like to invite all our fellow women members from the chapter and contributors outside to attend the conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina in May 2012.  While the conference is largely aimed at women involved in the Wikimedia movement, the organisers feel that women editors from Wikipedia, helping on Indic communities can also offer a unique perspective that can be of use to female leaders inside the Wikimedia movement and help expand the movement to make it inclusive for all.  In turn, we hope that we can provide them with contacts and assistance with their work related projects.  Details related to the conference can be found at:
Do pass this on to the other lists concerned and hope to see substantial participation from India.Let's do it! :) 

Noopur Raval
Arts and Aesthetics
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Ph: 9650567690