Hey everyone

Just wanted to inform everyone that there are some new statistics available about global Wikipedia usage for Q3 of this year.


I just saw some surprising trends if you look at a language and country-wise breakdown of page views and edits.

1.India is No. 15 globally in terms of Wikipedia page views and edits which is expected for having only 7% internet usage, one of the lowest in the first 50 countries on the list.

2. India is still the fifth largest viewer of the English Wikipedia.

3. 94% of Indian Wikimedians view the English Wikipedia, the second largest language group for India after English is Hindi with 0.6% of total views.


4. 70% of edits from India are on the English Wikipedia (this marks a gradual fall in edits from 81% in Q4 2009) followed by 6.6% for Telugu (this quarter also marks a large increase in edits in Telugu and Tamil languages, while Hindi and Malayalam both registered a drop)


The most surprising information is in the language-wise breakdown of edits per country:


The first Indian language on the list by 0.03% of global share is Hindi, followed by Telugu, Malayalam and Marathi, all at 0.02% of global Usage. the most surprising statistics is that the largest Page views to these languages is not from India but the US sometimes more than several times the number of views from India. Tamil is the only language where this disparity as its lowest.

The number of views from India is highest at 94% to the English Wikipedia but the number of edits has been steadily dropping at a very sharp rate (almost 10% in the last year).