The FDC grants process has begun. We have already sent in a letter of intent. We are now moving to the next phase of making the application. 

For those who do not know about the FDC grant, this provides for staff, office, and infrastructure. We have considered opening a office in Bangalore, with a meeting room cum training center, where about 10 computers will be available for users / trainees. We can use this for city community meets, wikiacademies, editathons, hackathons, etc. 

This measure is to provide for a formal office for the Chapter in India, and give ourselves a exclusive address to meet compliance issues better. The facility is also expected to be more centrally located within the city so that members and other Wikimedians do not find it difficult to visit the office. 

Yet another infrastructure proposal that has been considered is to have a scanning facility to meet digitization requirements that can enable wikisource, and other wikimedia commons file generation

We invite the community's suggestions towards major initiatives that can be taken as part of our activities in the Calender year 2014. Kindly send in your suggestions in the next 10 days.  We will have discussions on the suggestions through this period. We will add financial measures to the proposals and submit to WMF. 

This is an open brain storming. Every one can build on the ideas of every one else. Here is the webpage where you can add your suggestions.

Executive Manager
Wikimedia Chapter, Bangalore
+91 96329 11650