One of the important feature that separates Indian WikiMedia community from the WikiMedia communities of other countries is its diversity of languages. There are at least 20 Indian languages in which WikiMedia projects are available

Following are those languages.

(NOTE: Urdu, Nepali, Tamil, and some other languages are official languages in more than one country.)

All these languages use non-latin scripts and all of them belong either to Aryan or Dravidian language family.  So there are many community related (for example, advocacy) and computing related issues (for example, script rendering, usability)  that are common to many of these languages. Hence when it comes to computing and community related issues there are many solutions that can be shared between different language communities.

But currently, there is no communication happening between different Indian language wiki communities. Because of this, many wiki communities are unaware about the wiki activities that is happening outside their wiki.

Big Indian Language Wikipedias like Tamil, Bengali, Tamil and so on have overcome many of the issues since they have large user base. But that is not the case with small Wikipedias like Odiya, Assamese, or some other smaller wikipedias. The number of active users of these wikipedias is very less (In some case it is null). Even though it is the duty of the respective language community to build its wiki community, it may not happen overnight due to number of reasons. Hence big Indian language wiki communities can help them to develop a community. For these, we need to have frequent interactions between different wiki communities. But we don't have a common forum in each wiki that can be used for these type of discussions.

Hence I request all Indian language Wikipedias to start an Embassy page in their respective Wiki. This Embassy page can be used for the inter Wiki related discussions. Tamil and Malayalam Wikipedia have started Embassy long back and we have some healthy discussions happening among us both inside and outside wiki.

Some other languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu also have Embassy.

I request all  Indian Language Wiki communities to create such a page in their wiki that can be used as forum for the type of discussions that I mentioned above. Some of the best practices that can be followed while creatinng such a page is:

May be in future, we can think about having a Indian wiki conference for the Wikimedians of different Indian languages. That time special emphasis need to be given to the small wikipedias.