Thank you for your English grammar lessons to us native language speakers. We have plenty to learn from you.

The apparent squabble that seems to mightily distract deservedly does not merit a response. However,

On 23 May 2014 06:45, Pranesh Prakash <> wrote:

B. I cannot use a "unified account" or merge accounts, since there is
another Wikipedia user (the DE Wikipedia, IIRC) who created his account
before I did.  If you know of a way I can, please do let me know.  I
would love to claim the same username across all Wikimedia portals.

  1. Nothing prevented you from disclosing your affiliation while commenting there. But you chose not to do so.
  2. The fact that the information was added just today after all this discussion on that says it all:

C. Thank you for questioning my "ethics" alone for being "anonymous" and

Those were trolls and were quite evident to people who were following the discussions. The ID that we have now come to know belongs to you on the other hand *did not disclose* that you were affiliated to CIS.

Hari Prasad Nadig