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On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 4:30 PM, Gautam John <> wrote:
Abdul, honesty is a rare character and it's good to strike a
dissenting note. However, all said and done, a dissenting note based
in fiction is a wasted thing because it lacks a factual basis in which
to assess it.

> Before i start, I am not a Wikipedia editor. Just someone who knows several
> of them.

Ah. The wonders of second hand information. Always notable.

> None of you seem to be thinking, or else no thinker is replying.

Perhaps. But your email doesn't seem to indicate that you were either.

> Hisham is not some war hero that you have to praise him like this.
> If there is anything he has done, it is not praiseworthy.

Clearly the members who have replied on this list think otherwise.
Myself included.

> yes, we weill miss him. a lot. who else do we blame for failurs and all the
> nonsense in the community?

So you'll miss him because you have someone to blame? If that's the
prism through which you view activity, then you biases are clear. For
we all have clean hands and can cast the first stone.

> Hisham has done nothing for the community that stands out. all that he has
> done is what volunters do.

Sure. Which is why volunteers have thanked him.

> he runined th english wikipedia with his IEP crap.
> the community is still trying to recover.

But had the grace and courage to own up to his failures. We could all
learn something from that.

> Wer'e not happy that you are leaving, but sad, because we won't have anyone
> to blame.

Maybe it's time we looked inwards too rather than finding an easy
outside mark to blame?

I am sure there are more who hold dissenting views and this is a good
time to air them. We can all learn from them.

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