I would equally suggest that trying to cut off or limit the flow of funds to the movement because you're upset that someone is being overpaid is putting your personal interest above the movement's interest. I mean, if you were literally successful in your stated goal, the movement would no longer *exist*.  I'm sure the FDC will take relevant factors in to consideration when looking at CIS's request, there's no need for hyperbolic calls to start a donation boycott.  If this were truly just about profligate spending, there's probably a hundred things in the Wikimedia movement you could latch on to that are more outrageous.

Kevin Gorman

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 8:57 AM, Ravishankar <ravidreams@gmail.com> wrote:

It isn't about the exact numbers and percentages. It is about integrity.

You accept that you are getting over paid and yet you won't fix it, then it is putting your personal interest above the movement's interest.

You call yourself a non-proft and yet you pay a salary that is far above for-proft standards.

And when we ask for results or performance analysis, you say that we can't measure that yet.

CIS acknowledges that it is over paying its staff disproportionate to industry standards and their own institution's salary structure. Yet, 51.26% of their budget goes to payments towards full time staff, resource persons and consultants (line items 1, 7 and 11.2). This is against the guidelines issued to the FDC on rising cost of institutionalization.

This inflated structure is a mistake created by WMF and it should own the responsibility of fixing it.

Just because movement funds are available in plenty, you don't go around wasting it.


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