Hey fellow Wikipedians, 

VideoWiki (Video version of Wikipedia) is LIVE  (Website is best viewed on Google Chrome)- https://www.videowikipedia.org/

Building a multi-media encyclopedia  was considered impossible to build until now because videos once uploaded on the internet cannot be edited again and Wikipedia relies on being constantly updated and edited. We have just proved that it is not only possible but also FUN to create a democratic multi-media encyclopedia.

Similar to Wikipedia, anyone, including you, can edit an article right now, without even having to log in. 

Play around with the website. You will see that you can give life to your favourite Wikipedia articles by converting them to VideoWiki articles. 

Currently,we are an independent organization, however we are looking to partner up WMF to evolve Wikipedia from a text-based encyclopedia to a multi-media encyclopedia. I am personally travelling to Wikimania 2017 (Montreal) to discuss the impact of Videowiki on Wikipedia. If you are interested in knowing about the possible impact on organization structure and monetization strategy for VideoWiki and Wikipedia , you can read my Medium article at -


Would love your thoughts, opinions and feedback on VideoWiki and if any particular features you would like to see on VideoWiki?

Love, now and always,

Pratik Shetty
Creator of VideoWiki
Email - pratik.shetty@tlrfindia.com