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Naveen Francis

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On 25 August 2011 08:14, Naveen Francis <> wrote:
Thanks Sudhanwa...

Thanks Dhara for the suggestion.

We have pictures and videos

One thing is we can post one by one our wikimedia facebook page.

Objectives of this campaign.

1.Create an awareness in people about creative commons.
2.Effectively campaign to make the following govt sites in creative commons
Govt sites we propose to be under creative commons license
  1. -- National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning - (Pranesh Prakash and his team has convinced to make this creative commons. But we have to wait for a while for results. )
First objective can be achieved towards a small extent by posting on facebook.
How easy is to conduct an email campaign ?

How can we achieve the second objective ?
On 24 August 2011 20:25, Dhara Kothari <> wrote:
How about coming out with unique advertising matter in forms of pictures, etc? Like they do have for social advertising like no-smoking, etc?

Dhara :)

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Naveen Francis <> wrote:

Can anyone help us ?
Team is running out of ideas,

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From: Nathan Kinkade <>
Date: 22 August 2011 23:38
Subject: Re: WikiConference India 2011 -- WikiOutreach - Creative Commons Awareness campaign.
To: Naveen Francis <>

Hi Naveen,

What sort of promotional materials are you referring to?  On our
downloads page we have some single page flyers/handouts that could be
printed, for example:

Perhaps you could also organize a local CC Salon?



On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 02:52, Naveen Francis <> wrote:
> Hi
> As part WikiConference India 2011 we are conducting awareness campaign of Creative Commons license in India.
> (
> Can you please help us with enough promotional materials and innovative ideas to run the campaign ?
> More details of WCI 2011: -
> Naveen Francis
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