Thanks Gerard

for those words of encouragement and pointing out the Up trends in Odia wiki.
From attending the on a sleepy winter morning, meeting Siju and team, luckily connecting to right set of enthusiastic people like Subhashis and finally start of regular Odia wiki workshops ....these activities and progress are very encouraging so far, so are the traffic.

volunteerism & sustaining enthusiasm is a bit difficult to find , but not very rare. right set of people and channelizing efforts in unified direction will surely help Odia wiki to grow to its desired place.

Thanks all for doing what ever they can....
long way to go

Asutosh Kar

On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 9:46 PM, Gerard Meijssen <> wrote:
While the Odia Wikipedia has less then 1000 articles, it is growing them and it is growing its traffic. Given the activity for writing articles, localising messages there is a great opportunity to grow its traffic by at least half the numbers for a good number of months to come (it almost doubled traffic in March).

I have written about this on my blog and, I have written unasked advice about how I think a Wikipedia can be grown. This works not only for Odia but for any Wikipedia. I have heard Shiju Alex well when he says that quality is vitally important for Indic Wikipedias. They indeed do have to compete with English. There is however nothing stopping you from writing great articles. It does not make too much sense to want to concentrate on being complete in any range of topics. When you are as small as the Odia Wikipedia is, you want traffic and new editors. You want that desperately because when you have it, you do not have to let go.

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